Visit the neighbourhoods with GVB

Each Amsterdam neighbourhood in the 19th and 20th century districts around the canal belt has its own character and charm. It has its own market and typical neighbourhood caf├ęs and stores. In the past ten years, many of these districts, such as De Pijp and Oud-West en Noord, have transformed into new city centers where a new generation of entrepreneurs set the tone of the street. 

Take public transport

Public transport is the best way to discover all of the wonderful Amsterdam neighbourhoods. We are happy to transport you throughout all of Amsterdam, both day and night.

For a carefree day zipping around the Amsterdam neighbourhoods, the GVB day ticket is most convenient and economical ticket. This ticket provides you with carefree and unlimited travel on all GVB trams, buses and metros throughout all of Amsterdam. The 24 hours commences at your first check in. You can check out, transfer and check in again as often as you desire. 

The most fun Amsterdam neighbourhoods

On the "I amsterdam" website, you can view all of the neighbourhoods and read the online neighbourhood guides. Or, take the neighbourhoods quiz and discover which neighbourhood best suits you. 

We can show you the way

Do you know what neighbourhoods you want to visit? Plan your trip with the GVB travel planner

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