Timetable 2023

What will change for you?

The new timetable for 2023 will start on Sunday 11 December. Almost all routes, departure times and frequencies will remain the same as the previous period for trams, buses, metros and ferries. The changes that have been made are mainly related to work that has started or has been completed on the routes. We list them for you.

Tip! You can plan your trip from 11 December and check your departure time with the GVB app Gappie or the planner on

New ferry connection

From 9 January 2023, a new ferry connection will start. The F9 Zeeburgereiland - Sporenburg is exclusively for pedestrians and bicycles and sails from Monday to Friday. 


Changes at the bus and nightbus

Due to roadworks, nightbus N82 has a temporary route change: from Bos en Lommerweg, the nightbus runs via Hoofdweg and Jan Evertsenstraat to the final stop Nolensstraat. On the route back to CS, the night bus runs via the Haarlemmerweg and the Burg. de Vlughtlaan.

The departure times of the night buses will remain the same for now. There may be changes at the beginning of 2023. Therefore always plan your trip on or via the GVB app.

It is possible that your city or regional bus departs from a different place at the station. Therefore, view the departure stops at the various stations via the link below.

Better transfer from metro 52 to the train

On metro line 52, North/South line, the timetable has been adjusted at the beginning and end of the day for a better transfer at Station Zuid to the train to Schiphol.

Tram 2, 12, 13 and 17 again via Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal

The work at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal is expected to be completed on time. From Saturday 24 December, trams 2, 12, 13 and 17 will once again run the standard route on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal to and from Central Station. The trams run from Central Station via the following stops:

Tram 2 and 12: Central Station - Nieuwezijds Kolk - Dam - Paleisstraat

Tram 13 and 17: Central Station - Nieuwezijds Kolk - Dam - Westermarkt

The departure times from these stops can be found from mid-December on or via the GVB app Gappie.

A new timetable, a new brochure

The new editions of the free line network brochure and night network brochure will be available from the GVB Service & Tickets counters from mid-December.

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