Ferry travel rules

The following rules apply on our ferries.

Do not smoke

Smoking on board is not allowed.

Noise pollution

You may not play or perform music on ferries without written permission from GVB.

Bicycles and mopeds are permitted

Bicycles and mopeds may be walked on board with the engine switched off. Please place your bicycle or moped in the indicated spot. GVB is not responsible for any damage to your bicycle or moped.
On ferry F9 (Sporenburg - Zeeburgereiland) mopeds are not allowed. 

Eating and drinking is permitted

For your safety and that of others, please ensure there is a lid on (hot) drinks. Please keep the ferry clean.


Place your waste in the waste bins.

No feet on the seats

Do not place your feet on the seats. This keeps the seats clean and available for your fellow passengers.

Engine off

Please turn off the engine and lights of your vehicle before boarding.


No alcohol or drugs

You may not consume alcohol or drugs on board or be under the influence to the extent that you inconvenience other passengers.

Video surveillance

The ferries are equipped with camera and video surveillance.

The GVB house rules are based on the General Municipal Bylaw (Art. 2.23) of the municipality of Amsterdam, the Inland Waterways Police Regulations (Art. 1.03) and the Tobacco Act (Art. 10 and Art. 11). Said articles are important for ensuring order, peace, and safety as well as carrying out proper operations and preventing a nuisance because of smoking on board our ferries.