We want to provide safe and comfortable transport. With an eye on safety and to avoid obstructing fellow passengers, we ask you to follow the legal regulations and our house rules. Listed below are all the instructions and rules that you should be acquainted with when travelling with a bicycle, strollers, or wheelchair.

You may take your pet with you for free in a bag, on your lap or on a short lead. A folding bicycle is considered hand baggage and thus can be taken on the vehicle for free. 

Taking your bicycle on public transport?

You are welcome to take you bicycle with you outside rush hours on the metro and IJtram 26. This is how it works:

  • You must pay to take your bicycle with you. View bicycle map
  • Never take your bicycle with you during rush hours.
  • The rush hours are Mon-Fri 07:00 to 09:00 and 16:00 to 18:30.
  • You may only take your bicycle on the metro carriage with the doors that have a blue bicycle sticker.
  • Place your bicycle in the space reserved for that purpose.
  • The bicycle space on the metro and IJtram 26 can accommodate two bicycles.
  • Bicycling on platforms or at stops is not permitted.

Please obey the rules or you risk being fined.

Taking a stroller on public transport

  • Strollers must never cause a nuisance or obstruct the walkways. Please always put your stroller in the space intended for that purpose and always keep the walkways free.

  • The stroller/wheelchair spot is located in the middle section (near the exit doors) of the tram and near the conductor in the Combino tram (new type of tram). In the older trams that have a lower middle section, this is the spot to put the stroller. The oldest type of trams only have room on the rear observation platform.

  • Wheelchair users always take precedence over strollers!

  • Space is limited. If the spot is taken up by a wheelchair or stroller then you must fold up your stroller.

  • You are responsible for the safety of your child. Use the brake on your stroller and ensure that your child is secure.

  • Please follow the instructions of our staff. They may deny you access if you refuse their request to fold up your stroller.

Travelling with a wheelchair on public transport

  • Wheelchair users always take precedence over strollers!

  • The allocated space is limited, so if the spot is already taken by wheelchairs or strollers, then you must fold up your stroller.

  • For both tram and bus, the wheelchair spot is also the stroller spot. Please remember that a wheelchair always takes precedence over a stroller. Read more about public transport accessibility.

Mobility scooter in public transport

A mobility scooter is allowed on a tram or metro if there is sufficient space. The maximum permitted size is 120 cm long, 70 cm wide, and 109 cm high. You must always follow the instructions of the driver or conductor. The driver or conductor may refuse a scooter entry to ensure the safety of you and other passengers.

Not in the bus

Mobility scooters are not permitted on buses.