Travel and plan with the GVB travel app

The GVB travel app

The free GVB app (for iOS and Android) is the app for travelling by tram, bus, night bus, metro and ferry in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. It's your go-to travel app for frequent travellers or for just a visit.
Quickly and easily plan your trip from home to work, a restaurant or the theatre or from Schiphol to your hotel or B&B. Check whether there is a diversion or delay on your route. You always have your favourite line’s up-to-date departure times at your fingertips. And purchasing a barcode ticket for immediate travel is now possible, too. You can find this and even more useful features in the free GVB app.

Type or swipe: quickly and easily plan your trip

Easily plan your trip to any address in Amsterdam or the rest of the Netherlands. Or swipe from your current location to top destinations in Amsterdam with the unique Touch Swipe planner. 

You always have the most reliable and up-to-date travel information for the GVB network as well for all other transport companies in the Netherlands.

Purchase a barcode ticket in the app

It's easy to purchase GVB tickets for 1, 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours via the app. Simply activate these tickets in the app and you are ready to travel. Easy check-in and out using your mobile phone. For the metro, check in and out at the metro gates which have a barcode reader. On the bus and tram, you can check in and out with your barcode at the barcode reader under the validator. To do this, hold the back of your phone with the barcode facing up on the circle with the QR code below the card reader. (See image)

Checking in- and out at the barcode reader in tram and bus

The tickets are valid on all GVB trams, buses, night buses* and metros in Amsterdam, Diemen, Duivendrecht, Amstelveen, Schiphol and Weesp, for the selected number of hours.

*The 1-hour ticket is not valid for GVB night buses.

Alert for disruptions

Turn notifications on for your favourite line(s). You will receive an Alert if there’s a diversion or disruption on your regular route. You can set an Alert for certain days and time periods.

Purchase your entry ticket for museums and attractions

In the app you can also purchase your entry ticket for one of the many museums or attractions in Amsterdam. This way, you'll have everything you need for a fun day out in Amsterdam.  

Know in advance how crowded a vehicle is

With each requested travel advice, you can immediately see how crowded each means of transport is expected to be. If you like, you can use this information to adjust your travel plans.

The crowd indication is based on recent public transport chip card data. By applying a calculation to these data, we are able to make a good prediction of how busy it is on a certain route.

Your MyGVB account

With your MyGVB account, it is easy to manage your personal data. View your orders which you have made in the GVB webshop and check the status of your balance. And if you have a GVB Flex season ticket, you can also view your travel history, view and download your invoices, and switch between different types of Flex season tickets when your travelling situation changes. 

Virtual Stop Assistance indicates whether a stop is or is not accessible for you

Do you have difficulty walking, or do you travel with assistance? In the GVB App, you can switch on your personal Virtual Stop Assistance to plan a trip which fits your situation. Just set your travel profile and directly see on the map or under departure times which stops are accessible for you and which are not. Among other things, you can indicate whether you travel with an aid, whether you want to use a ramp, and how high the boarding height to a vehicle may be. The stop you want to use is then assessed based on your personal settings and is given a score which can vary from very good to inaccessible. 

What else does the app give you?

  • Cycling before and after transport: under travel preferences, you can easily indicate whether you will start or end your public transport trip by bicycle.
  • Check the availability of shared transport nearby: OV-fiets, Donkey bike and electric scooters from Helyx and Check. You can check the availability via the map option 'Nearby'. 
  • Travel only with GVB: if you have a GVB travel product, such as a GVB hour/day or GVB Flex, and only want to travel on GVB lines, it’s easy to indicate this in your travel preferences.
  • Save favourites: save your favorite locations in Amsterdam with just one click. Then it will be even easier to plan your next trip.
  • Personal dashboard: based on your travel profile, directly access the key functions for your profile via your main screen. If you use the app mainly for commuting, for example, you will find your saved regular route in your dashboard. This way, you always have the up-to-date departure times to hand.
  • Information about lift and escalator disruptions
  • The weather (in collaboration with the Dutch "Buienradar" website)
  • Public Transport e-purse balance checker: see how much e-purse balance is still on your card.
  • Compose your own menu: display the functions which are most useful to you.
  • Get in touch with GVB Customer Service in an instant: have direct access to GVB services, such as lost & found or missed check-out.
  • Fully available in Dutch and English.

Want to optimise the app together?

The app is constantly being developed.
Help us optimise the app! We would like to know what you feel could be done differently or better, or which function would be a good addition to the app. Give us your feedback via the app itself (in the menu "More" under "Customer Service").
And naturally we are curious about your review in the app store.