It's quite normal to want to travel safely with public transport. This is why we do everything possible to safeguard public safety and improve it where possible. During your trip, you will recognize many of the measures we have taken.

Surveillance while travelling

GVB drivers and conductors know all the safety regulations. Buses, trams, metro stop and stations are equipped with cameras. The images of the metro stations are mostly monitored live by our central traffic management team. All images can be requested by the police and viewed if a police report has been made.

Assistance in emergencies

If an incident or emergency occurs, the driver or conductor will immediately contact traffic control. The traffic control team ensures that assistance arrives as soon as possible from GVB staff members or emergency services. A Service & Alarm pillar is located at every metro station that allows you to immediately contact a GVB staff member.


The staff of GVB Service & Safety are trained as investigating officers and combat fare dodging by performing daily ticket checks in uniform or plain clothes. This may also be carried out in collaboration with the police and the Public Transport Safety Team. They also police travel regulations, such as feet on the seats and littering.
They safeguard public safety by solving problems on location when there are obstructions to travel, incidents, or disasters.Bij een stremming, incident of calamiteit helpen ze ter plaatse de veiligheid te waarborgen en problemen op te lossen.

Service and prevention

You will see the staff of the Metro Service Team at metro stations and metro stops who can answer your questions or assist you when necessary. They are present during (large) events and other locations where they may needed, such as stops near schools where students are a nuisance. To avoid such problems, GVB provides a special education course for first year classes.


With respect to public safety, GVB works closely with the police, the the Public Transport Safety Team, the municipalities of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, the urban districts and the Public Prosecution Service.