Public transport statement

If you travel with GVB using a monthly season ticket and want to include this with your income tax declaration, you will need to provide documentary evidence (travel expenses overview). We would like to explain how you create a expenses overview. 

Declaration summary using My OV-chipkaart account

You can easily create a declaration summary using your "My OV-chipkaart" account on
Don't have an account yet? If not, create one . Once you have created your account, you can immediately look back on 18 months worth of your travel transactions. This also applies to an OV-chipkaart that has not expired more than a year ago.

GVB reports to the Tax Authorities

We are required by law to pass on the details of annual season ticket holders to the tax authorities. This applies to both business and private passengers. This is why you do not need a public transport travel summary.
However, if the tax authorities do request a summary, you can create one using your "My OV-chipkaart" account at .