Ever smarter, ever easier. OVpay is the new way of checking in and out in public transport.

OVpay: check in and out with your debit card

From now on you can also check in and out with your debit card with us

Something is about to change in public transport. In the bus, tram, metro and train: soon you will be able to check in and out as you wish anywhere in the Netherlands. Simply with your contactless debit card, credit card, mobile phone or with your smartwatch. And for the time being, just with your trusted OV-chipkaart. It is already possible with a number of public transport companies in the Netherlands and from now on also with us in Amsterdam.

The benefits 

OVpay makes traveling by public transport and paying for it easier and more flexible. You will soon pay for your trip just as easily as your groceries in the store. Handy, because: 
  • you no longer need a separate OV-chipkaart
  • you never have to load balance again 
  • you are always ready to use public transport (with sufficient money in your checking account)  

How can you pay in our public transport?

These are all the options you can choose from:
  • Contactless debit card; 
  • mobile phone or smartwatch;
  • credit card;
  • OV-chipkaart;
  • barcode (e)-ticket.

How it works

You can check in and check out of public transport the way you prefer. With your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone. It’s that easy. It’s just like using your contactless card in the supermarket, but with one difference: you must check out at your destination! Pre-registration or downloading an app is not necessary.
It is important that you always check in and out with the same pass, card, mobile phone or smartwatch. Otherwise your transaction is not complete. Payment is secure and automatic. The next day the amount will be shown in your payment overview with the description NLOV.

Pay with the right card

That way you are ready for OVpay. Take out your card!
It is important that you always check in and out with the same pass, card, mobile or smartwatch. Otherwise your transaction will not be complete. We advise you not to hold your wallet or card holder against the check-in device. Take your debit card, credit card or OV-chipkaart out of your wallet or card holder and check in. If you don't do that, your check-in or check-out may fail or the card reader will take a different card (for example a different debit card or your OV-chipkaart).

The GVB app is useful when traveling with your debit card

  • Always insight into the journeys and travel costs you have incurred at GVB
  • Easily plan your trip and save your favorite trips
  • Receive a notification when there is a detour or disruption on your route
  • And many more useful features

OVpay: questions and answers

We can imagine that you have some questions about this new way of paying in public transport. We have listed a number of questions and answers for you.

Terms and conditions

The Dutch public transport companies and Translink, in collaboration with a number of payment services (Maestro,Mastercard, VPAY and VISA), are introducing a system for checking in and out onpublic transport with a suitable contactless debit card or credit card in order to buy a ticket. Terms and condiotions apply. 

Visit for more information

Would you like to know more about OVpay and where you can already pay for your trip with your debit card? Then go to the OVpay website.