Short metro? Avoid problems when boarding

We all have the tendency to wait for the metro at the start of the platform, however this is not always the handiest spot. When a short metro stops, it often requires you to run to board the metro. Or everyone pushes to board the first or last metro car. 

How do you know if the metro you are waiting for is a short one?

You can see that by the number of metro cars indicated at the top right of the digital travel information signs. These appear on the sign when the metro is underway, before it enters the station.
If 3 is indicated, it is a long metro; 2 metro cars means it is a short metro.

2 metro cars: a short metro

Where should you stand on the platform for a short metro?

Generally, the metro's stop at the platform in a distributed manner. Shorter metro's stop in the middle and never completely at the front or the rear of the platform. Stand in the middle of the platform, so you'll be certain that you can easily and directly board the metro.