Responsible travel

We are ready when you are!

Amsterdam is completely 'open' again. The advice to work from home where possible has been eliminated and night life is returning. Most measures have been removed. The obligation to wear face masks in and around public transport is no longer in effect. Where and when it is crowded, you can protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask.

Prepare for your journey and purchase your ticket or travel product in advance in the GVB app, in our webshop or at one of the many pre-sales outlets. And if you want to avoid peak times, plan a more peaceful journey in the GVB app or the online planner. 
Please be kind to each other. Whereas some people are happy to return to 'normal' straight away, others still prefer to be cautious. Please respect each other's pace and allow each other a pleasant journey.

We are ready to take you everywhere again. It's great to see you again (or see you again more often!). 

Know the quieter travel times

If you plan your journey in the GVB app or in our online planner, icons will indicate the expected number of passengers. This will give a quick indication as to whether there is enough space in the vehicle at your preferred journey time. You may then wish to change your journey time accordingly and opt for a quieter journey earlier or later in the day.