Line 25 is here!

The 'request Line 25 trial pack' offer has ended

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to request the free Line 25 trial pack, as we have run out of stock. 
You may, of course, always try out the line at your own expense. So hopefully see you on line 25 soon!

Line 25 officially started

On Sunday afternoon, 13 December 2020, with the symbolic switching on of a light switch and a spectacular light show, the new Amstelveenlijn (line 25) was commissioned together with the brand-new 15G trams. The overhaul of the Amstelveenlijn was completed on time and within budget. This was a major achievement for everyone involved.

The latest trams on the new line

Since 13 December, line 25 once again offers a direct link between Westwijk and Station Zuid. The new and comfortable 15G trams will take you along the completely renovated stops, 3 of which lie on a recessed junction.

R-net line 25: route, frequency and timetable

Line 25 is an R-net line. R-net represents reliable, frequent and comfortable public transport in the Randstad megalopolis. You can recognise R-net buses, trams, metros and trains by the red and grey colours of the R-net logo. Transferring is easy and fast at the interchange points where R-net converges with other forms of public transport.

Board and purchase ticket

With the trams on line 25, you can board at any door. It is best to be well-prepared before you travel, of course, and already have a valid ticket in your pocket when you board. If you haven't yet purchased a ticket, a ticket machine is available at Station Zuid and at the Van Boshuizenstraat, Uilenstede, Kronenburg and Ouderkerkerlaan stops. Each tram on the Amstelveenlijn has two conjoined carriages. A conductor is present at all times in the rear carriage for ticket sales and service. Tickets cannot be purchased from the driver. 
Because of certain circumstances, a tram on line 25 may not be able to ride in conjoined fashion. If a line 25 tram is then running with a single vehicle, the conductor can be found in the back of the tram.

No more bicycles in line 25

You may not take your bicycle with you in line 25. Bicycles take up too much room and can obstruct the safe boarding and alighting of the tram. The new trams are narrower than the previous vehicles which ran on the 'old' route. In general, bicycles are not allowed on Amsterdam trams. The only exception which was ever made to the region's 'no bicycles in trams' policy was for the IJ tram (line 26). This was done because the bicycle connection to IJburg using bicycle paths was found to be insufficient at that time. Conversely, the bicycle connections between Amsterdam and Amstelveen are good. Incidentally, folding bicycles may be taken in the trams.

Definitive terminus at Station Zuid yet to be determined

The definitive stop of the Amstelveenlijn at Schönberglaan – on the south side of Station Zuid – is yet to be determined. The stop forms part of the Zuidasdok project, in which Station Zuid is being extended and the A10 is being diverted underground.
Unfortunately, we still need to be patient for a little longer until the stop is ready. Further information can be found in the article 'Line 25 terminus at Station Zuid: gradually reaching a definitive situation' on the site of Vervoerregio Amsterdam.

The Amstelveen Line renovation project

You can find all information about the Amstelveen line renovation project on the municipality's website Here you can also read all about the maintenance work which has been done.