Chance of disruptions on the metro lines

Step by step: new metro safety system put into use

After over a year of intensive testing, we, together with the municipality of Amsterdam's Metro en Tram organisation and Vervoerregio Amsterdam, will be putting the new modern metro safety system into use from the end of February 2021. We will be doing this step by step. We are taking the time to identify any teething problems and to allow drivers to acquire more experience as users, before we switch entirely to the new system.   

Risk of disruptions

The commissioning phase may experience some teething problems, so please be aware that disruptions may occur en route. This can vary from errors in travel information, to the temporary breakdown of all or part of a metro line. Or in exceptional circumstances, all metros. Should this occur, the metros will be brought to a temporary standstill at all stations.

Potential disruptions are being resolved as effectively and as quickly as possible. Following such disruptions, experts from the municipality of Amsterdam, supplier Alstom and GVB are tackling potential causes, and solutions, right away to ensure that they don't occur again. Only this does not provide any guarantee that new or different disruptions won't occur in the system in future.

Alternative public transport in the event of metro failure

If the metro fails, we recommend planning your journey again in the planner on this website or in the GVB app. The journey planner will give you alternative travel advice.
We have also mapped out for you the alternative public transport in the vicinity of the metro stations.

Travelling with the new system

We began to implement the new system at the end of February 2021, initially only operating it on Sundays. We gradually extended this to more days. After making various changes, from 24 October onwards, we will be operating with the new system without a planned switch back to the ‘old’ system. We will, however, keep the ‘old’ system in reserve for the time being in case we encounter things that cannot be resolved immediately.

Keep up to date with Alerts

We will provide up-to-date travel information and notify you of any disruptions via the usual GVB travel information channels. You can also receive an Alert from us in the event of a current disruption on your favourite metro line(s). Please register for this in the GVB app.