Conditions for an objection to a fine

You forgot to check in with your season ticket and received a fine or charge.
Everyone with an OV-chipkaart is obliged to check in and out, including when you have a valid season ticket loaded on your card. 
Do you want to object to the fine or do you have a question about the fine? Please use the form below for this.  

Leniency scheme

We are pleased to help our regular customers. You can make use of the leniency rule. This rule allows you to cancel the fine or charge. Some conditions apply.   

You have a:

  • GVB Only or GVB Zone annual season ticket
  • Randstad Noord Zone month or annual season ticket
  • OV Vrij (combination of two season tickets: Altijd Vrij and Bus, Tram and Metro Vrij)
  • NS month or annual season ticket with zone supplement
  • Student OV-chipkaart
  • file or charge was received within the area valid for your season ticket

You may cancel a fine or ticket three times in a year. We record these cancellations.

Ticket for a bicycle

A bicycle supplement must be purchased for a bicycle at all times, so you will not be eligible for our goodwill scheme if you have been reported for your bicycle. 

The objection must be received within 14 days of the fine or ticket being issued. You will receive an email or letter about the outcome of your objection.

Traveling with an OV-chipkaart is mandatory within the Amsterdam concession. You must also check in and check out on each vehicle that you travel on.

This also applies to passengers with a public transport season ticket. And, again, you as a passenger are obligated to check in and check out on every vehicle you travel on. It is prudent to remember to check in and check out on every trip.