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If you would like more information about departure and arrival times, use the timetable search feature.

Summer departure times from 23 July - 2 September

The summer holidays are approaching and with it the start of our summer timetable. Changed departure times apply from Sunday 23 July to Saturday 2 September. Most trams, buses and metros run slightly less frequently and rush hour tram 27, bus 38 and bus 43 do not run during this period. Always check the travel planner before you start your trip. We wish you a nice summer!

Since 20 June you can no longer buy tickets from the driver

Since 20 June you can only buy a ticket from the tram conductor. On trams without a conductor and on (night)buses it will no longer be possible to buy a paper ticket. Check in and out with your debit card or buy a ticket in advance.

Check in and out with your barcode ticket in tram and bus

From now on you check in and out on the tram and on the bus with your barcode ticket, purchased in the app. You no longer show your ticket on your phone to the driver or conductor. Since last year it has been possible to check in and out at the metro gates with a barcode ticket in the GVB app and now in tram and bus also.

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